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Aerix Co

Desktop Hi-Fi speaker at its finest.

Aerix Duet Integrated Speaker

Duet Speaker

Internet, anything

The most advanced DTS Play-Fi module allows Duet plays anything you want. Despite the millions of internet radio choices, DTS Play-Fi module integrates Spotify, Deezer, Pandora, Tidal, Songza and lots of the high resolution music, all at your fingertips. learn more
Duet Speaker

Virtual Intelli Sound

Our advanced DSP chips are optimized with exclusive VIS technology, the latest in human auditory psychoacoustics, and include three built-in modes: Natural, Relax and Hyper. Each setting is precisely engineered to deliver nothing less than the most premium listening experience. Learn more
Duet Speaker

Brush Up Your CDs

Aerix Duet Speaker comes with a slot CD player, giving you a balance between technology and classic. After all these years of your CD collection, it is time to open your shelf again! Try and see how Duet plays your CD with passion and emotion! Shop now


Two way, your choice.
Place it up-right or horizontal as you like.

X-Stage is multifunction, it is a perfect foothold for the Duet’s sound system, and can also be used as a side table to place your favorite collection.

Aerix is atmosphere transformed.

Nothing compares to the Aerix experience. It creates and enhances the space around you.

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