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Carving Sound | Aerix DUET MK3 Taiwan Launch

Aerix DUET MK3 Taiwan Launch event

The DUET MK3 Taiwan Launch on 14, Sep was a remarkable event that showcased this all-in-one stereo system's cutting-edge features and exceptional performance. In addition to it’s signature 360 spacial audio effect, DUET MK3 offers seamless streaming options for Apple users compared to the previous edition with its AirPlay compatibility and optical input.

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DUET MK3's Signature: 360 Spacial Audio

One of the standout features of the DUET MK3 is its Hi-End drivers, which deliver a superior audio experience with crisp highs, rich mids, and deep bass. The 360 spatial audio effect further enhances the immersive listening experience, allowing users to feel completely enveloped in sound.

All-in-one stereo system with comprehensive streaming functionality

AirPlay and Optical Input

DUET MK3 with AirPlay

Compared to the previous version, DUET MK3 now has added support for AirPlay and optical input. Say goodbye to the hassle of using a separate DTS app to stream content on your Apple devices. With DUET MK3, it's as simple as opening your phone and connecting to any compatible device using AirPlay, and you're good to go! Stream effortlessly without any additional steps.

Three finely tuned EQ mode: Natural, Hyper, Retro

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These EQ modes are designed to enhance your audio experience and cater to different preferences and styles.

The Natural EQ mode provides a balanced and authentic sound representation. It preserves the original audio quality while subtly enhancing certain frequencies to deliver a clean and transparent listening experience.

For those seeking an extra punch and intensity in their audio, the Hyper EQ mode is perfect. It boosts specific frequencies to create a more dynamic and energetic sound profile. Whether you're listening to music or watching movies, this mode will bring your audio to life with its vibrant and impactful presence.

If you're a fan of nostalgia or enjoy the warm tones of vintage audio equipment, the Retro EQ mode is sure to please. This mode adds a touch of warmth and richness to your sound by emphasizing lower frequencies and adding subtle distortion effects. It's like taking a step back in time while enjoying modern technology's benefits.

No matter which EQ mode you choose, rest assured that each one has been meticulously crafted to provide an exceptional listening experience tailored to your preferences. So select your desired EQ mode and immerse yourself in a world of enhanced audio bliss.

aerix duet mk3 with gold note valore 425
For Vinyl lovers, DUET MK3 is compatible with Valore 425 Turntable Plus

Woody Warm Style

Not only does the DUET MK3 excel in terms of audio quality, but it also boasts a woody and simplistic design that seamlessly blends into any living space. Its snug and warm aesthetic adds an element of elegance to any room while providing top-notch performance.

aerix duet mk3 with wood

Aerix, the atmosphere transforms to the next level

In addition to the stereo system, Aerix officially launched two scented candles, Day in and Day out to escalate the brand value, “atmosphere transform.“Day in features a well-balanced citrus-toned candle to ignite the spirit, while Day out features a classic tone to soothe and calm. Both Day In and Day Out are now available in our online store.
aerix day in day out scented candles