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Taipei Music center - FLY ME TO THE MOON & BACK

 |FLY ME TO THE MOON & BACK| Tom Chang’s exhibition

Aerix collaborates with InFormat Design curating for the first time at Taipei Music center, aiming to construct the highest quality of music performance!

Tom Chang, the famous Taiwanese pop music artist who had the unique high pitch and the signature song “my future is not a dream”. His reputation of creativities in music was certainly gifted and innovative, in which he also came with a nick name “Music magician”.

fly me to the moon exhibition 1

The Aerix Duet all-in-one system is placed at the introduction section of aerospace to begin the music journey, the minimalist design perfectly blends into the space atmosphere with harmony. 

fly me to the moon 2

This exhibition is highly connected to sound quality reproduction in the sense of creating a direct dialogue between the musicians and artist in each note. The 2.1 channel system is a combination of two high end transducers top firing through bell’s curve horn and sporting a subwoofer down firing for the perfect halo effect. Every visitor shall experience the details at every angle of the room!

fly me to the moon 3

Timeless art through innovation is the theme of Tom Chang’s music career in this exhibition, which has always been the motto for Aerix as a brand. The joint effort with Informat design during this collaboration matched exactly with our brand identity “atmosphere transformed”, via music to the mood change in spaces. Let music lead us to know Tom’s Chang’s life, for a boundless music journey.