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Scented Candle | Day out | Made in Taiwan

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Day in, day out is a metaphor for the repetitive nature of life without any variation, as if caught in a loop of time.

We often find ourselves living a monotonous life without realizing it. When we try to imagine breaking away from the dullness of life, "breaking" or "reorganizing" seem too drastic and unrealistic.

The sounds of burning wood, a wisp of smoke rising, flickering light in the wind, fleeting candle shadows, and experiencing the scent transform the atmosphere into a profound sensory experience.

From day in to day out, we savor every beginning and ending with a delicate sense of awareness.


The unique scent of Guaiacol, with its soothing, woodsy undertones, has been a first choice for meditation and relaxation by Native Americans since ancient times. Paired with the classic musk in the middle notes, it's sweet but not overpowering. Inhaling and exhaling, just like taking a hot bath on a chilly winter night.

You made it through the day. Give yourself a minute to transform the atmosphere and space with Day out scanted candle.


Top: Guaiacwood

Middle: White Musk

Base: Cedarwood, sandalwood


Affordable Luxury

EYE CANDLE x Aerix's exclusive blend of imported fragrance oils and natural essential oils creates a luxurious aroma. No high threshold for a good atmosphere; everyone deserves to have it.

Stable and Easy Storage

Crafted with a special ratio of plant-based wax, our candle burns steadily with no black smoke. The dark glass container shields the candle from sunlight, preventing the essential oils from deteriorating and preserving the fragrance effectively.

Non-toxic and Safe

Made entirely in Taiwan and contains no paraffin wax, preservatives, sulfates, or plasticizers, and is cruelty-free. Safe to use when used correctly.

 *Each candle comes with an Aerix custom-made matchbox, which can be used to store small accessories once the matches are used up.


W140*D140*H120 mm / 680g (including packing) 

Candle volume : 220ml (estimated buring time 42 hours)

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