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all in one duet black and traditional home audio system

What is an All-in-one Audio System and How to Choose One?

Before understanding what an all-in-one audio system is, we need first to understand the basic components of "audio system." Generally speaking, audio systems require at least three pieces of equipment from the front end: the source, amplifier, and speaker. If these three things are combined, it is technically an all-in-one system. Audiophile players pursuing the ultimate sound performance prefer separate design and processing of these three pieces of equipment: the source, amplifier, and speaker. Simply put, they independently choose the source, amplifier, and speaker based on their preferences, budget, and home space size, assembling them to achieve the so-called High-end sound quality.

However, such pursuits have gradually lost their appeal to busy modern people with limited living spaces. With technological advancements and emerging market demands, the all-in-one audio system is gradually gaining attention and discussion in the market. Although all-in-one audio systems could address the issue of limited space, the sound quality often left much to be desired. Is there an all-in-one audio system that is size-appropriate and delivers excellent good quality? This article will tell you a few points to consider when purchasing an all-in-one audio system and why choose DUET MK3 all-in-one audio system.

How to Choose an All-in-one Audio System

While it's true that the sense of hearing has no standards, and everyone's preferences for sound performance are different, there are still some specification indicators to consider when choosing an all-in-one audio system.

Speaker (Driver)

In general, a large-sized low-frequency unit performs better. If you pursue high, medium, and low-frequency separation, you need a design with separate mid-range driver and tweeter. The quality of the unit affects sound quality; you can evaluate the type of music you like to listen to and then decide on the unit specifications and design you need. Of course, visiting and listening in person for the most realistic experience is the most important thing. 

Space and Directivity Issues:

audio system and directivity

Another issue to consider is where to place the speaker. In addition to whether the space is sufficient for the speaker to perform well, directivity is also another issue to consider. The front of traditional speakers is the best listening position, but it can only provide single-directional sound performance. However, ordinary users usually won’t stay in the same places continuously but listen to music while doing something else. The situation where the listener is unable to stay directly in front of the speaker may lead to less satisfying listening experience.

Streaming and lossless sound quality:

Diverse audio sources and streaming capabilities are also important indicators for choosing an all-in-one audio system. The richer the audio sources and the more streaming capabilities it supports, the more convenient it will be. In the past, it was believed that the best devices were primarily wired to enjoy lossless sound quality. However, current technology can achieve "close to lossless" sound quality through Wi-Fi connections.

Advantages of all-in-one audio system:

The most apparent advantage of the all-in-one audio system is eliminating the hassle of self-assembly. In addition, the size of the all-in-one audio system is relatively smaller than traditional self-assembled audio systems, achieving a balance between sound quality and space design. Some all-in-one audio systems have no directivity issues in their design, so regardless of where a person is, they can experience the best sound.

Potential Weaknesses of all-in-one audio system:

The all-in-one audio system may not meet the high standards of many professional audio enthusiasts because the amplifier and unit of the all-in-one audio system are built-in and cannot undergo additional hardware adjustments. However, for some beginner music enthusiasts who value sound quality, current all-in-one audio systems can fully meet such requirements.

Why Choose Aerix DUET MK3 All-in-One System:

High-End quality drivers

DUET MK3 uses Hi-End high-quality mid-range driver and twetter. Its dual-ring radiator diaphragm, designed exclusively by a major manufacturer, coupled with a long-stroke low-frequency unit, not only produces deep and powerful low frequencies but also precise and delicate high frequencies. Its performance in vocal reproduction especiallysurpasses other similar products.

Comprehensive streaming capability

In addition to hardware specifications, DUET MK3 has various audio inputs and high-quality streaming capabilities such as Apple AirPlay, digital optical fiber, Wi-Fi (Play-Fi technology), aptX HD Bluetooth, and AUX, fully meeting the diverse listening and digital audio needs of modern people.

360-degree sound effect

Without considering directivity issues, Aerix's complete 360-degree sound field sound system presents all music in an easy and natural way. Listeners can enjoy the best listening experience from any corner of the space.


In recent years, the all-in-one audio system has gradually gained attention and discussion as an audio product. There are countless all-in-one audio systems on the market. In the past, the all-in-one audio system was easily perceived as having poor sound quality. However, with technological advancements, today's all-in-one audio systems can seamlessly stream and, under good connection conditions and sources, even play sound quality surpassing CDs. Compared to traditional audio systems that require effort and considerable space for assembly, all-in-one audio systems like DUET MK3 have achieved the perfect listening experience within limited volume.

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