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Still Using Bluetooth Speakers? Five Reasons You Should Consider Wi-fi speakers

Among "wireless speakers," Bluetooth speakers stand out as the most recognizable. Their popularity stems from the convenience of wirelessly streaming music from smartphones. However, it's important to note that Bluetooth technology is constrained by bandwidth, which limits sound quality. Nowadays, many speakers offer Wi-Fi or AirPlay connectivity, allowing users to enjoy superior sound quality without the drawbacks of Bluetooth technology.

Bluetooth Has Quite a History?

According to the official Bluetooth website, the name "Bluetooth" has a significant origin, tracing back to King Harald Bluetooth of Denmark and Norway in the 10th century. The two most well-known things about him: firstly, he unified Denmark and Norway in 958; secondly, legend has it that when he died, he had a tooth that was dark blue or gray, hence the nickname "Blåtand" (in Danish, "blå" means blue, and "tand" means tooth, hence "Bluetooth").

Is it Bluetooth or Blåtand?

So, should it be called "Bluetooth" or "Blåtand"? In the early days, some believed that combining the word "芽" (meaning "sprout" or "bud" in Chinese) with Bluetooth gave a refined feeling to the technology. Therefore, in Taiwan, Bluetooth was registered as "藍芽" (pronounced as "lan ya"). However, in 2006, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group unified the global Chinese name as "藍牙" (pronounced as "lan ya"), ending the confusion between "藍牙" and "藍芽."

When Should You Choose Bluetooth Speakers?

For those who wish to take their music on the go and are looking for a simple playback solution, Bluetooth speakers are an excellent choice. They allow you to stream music from your phone or other devices outdoors without needing an internet connection. Moreover, Bluetooth speakers are typically more affordable, providing a wide range of options across various price points.

Five Reasons Why You Should Consider AirPlay and Wi-Fi Speakers

  1. Excellent Sound Quality through WiFi Connectivity: The inherent limitations of Bluetooth technology, particularly its restricted bandwidth, impede its ability to deliver high-quality music playback. In contrast, WiFi connectivity boasts significantly larger bandwidth, enabling it to provide clearer and more nuanced musical details. Specifically, Bluetooth's bandwidth caps at 2-3Mbps, whereas WiFi can soar up to 600 Mbps—dramatically surpassing Bluetooth's capacity. If you care about sound quality, Wi-Fi speakers is your first priority.

  2. Using WiFi ensures uninterrupted music for professionals who need to make Bluetooth phone calls at home. WiFi connections will remain stable during calls via Bluetooth, allowing for seamless music streaming without interruptions.

  3. Real multiroom: Although some Bluetooth speakers can also play in multiple rooms, it often requires third-party software. But with W-iFi technologies like AirPlay, real multi-room transmission can be achieved easily and reliably, which is particularly convenient for larger spaces like homes, restaurants, or commercial spaces.

  4. Wider transmission range with Wi-Fi: Bluetooth has a transmission range of about 10 meters, while WiFi connection has no such limitation as long as the WiFi router's strength is normal and unobstructed. With WiFi, multiple speakers can be connected to the same network for multi-room playback, making it very convenient.

  5. Voice control: Most Bluetooth chip modules cannot be voice-controlled, but most WiFi speakers can be controlled via specific devices. For example, DUET MK3 can be controlled by Siri after connecting to HomePod.

Why Choose DUET MK3 as Your First Wi-Fi wireless Speaker?

Comprehensive connectivity:

DUET MK3 offers more than just Wi-Fi connectivity; it also provides Bluetooth connectivity, allowing usage even in environments with no or weak signals. With DTS-Play Fi technology, up to eight DUET MK3 can be connected, making it suitable for bothlarger home spaces and commercial settings.

DUET MK3 supports AirPlay, eliminating the need for iPhone users to download DTS-Play. After the initial connection, they can directly connect via Wi-Fi settings.

Superior sound quality and balance:

Equipped with mid-to-high range units from major Danish manufacturer, DUET MK3 is one of the few all-in-one speakers on the market that prioritizes balanced sound quality. It excels in delivering balanced performance across low, mid, and high frequencies.

Versatile for any interior decor and commercial space:

duet mk3 in MCM living

With its sleek and warm design, DUET MK3 complements various interior decoration styles, making it suitable for both residential and commercial spaces.

Where can you find DUET MK3?

Click here to view DUET MK3 demo locations in Taiwan.

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