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Should You Pour out the Wax from Scented Candles? It Depends!

Should you pour out the wax from scented candles?

Scented candles have provided comfort and created a cozy atmosphere at home, especially during the pandemic. However, after using them for a while, many people question whether they should pour out the excess wax on the candle's surface. To determine whether this is necessary, we have gathered information from various internet sources and reached two main conclusions.

When to Pour Out the Wax from Scented Candles?

For those who prioritize scent throw

To ensure that your scented candles maintain their fragrance, it is advisable to remove any excess wax. When a scented candle is burned, both essential oils and wax evaporate. However, wax molecules are larger and do not dissipate as easily as essential oil molecules. Once the candle has cooled down, the wax will solidify and trap the fragrance inside. Therefore, for those who are particularly concerned about preserving the candle's aroma, it is recommended to pour out any excess wax regularly. A method recommended by Reddit users is to burn the candle until the surface wax no longer has a fragrance, then allow it to cool and use a spoon to scrape off the scentless wax.

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For users of candle warmer lamp

Another situation where you should pour out the wax is when using candle warmer lamp. Candle warmer lamps use indirect heat, such as light bulbs, to heat scented candles, and the wax doesn't diminish while the essential oils in the candle gradually evaporate into the air. Although it may not appear that the wax is diminishing, the essential oils are being released, so if you're using a candle warmer lamp, it's essential to periodically pour out the wax without fragrance on the surface to ensure it doesn't affect the release of essential oils from the lower layers.

Do You Need to Pour Out the Wax from Scented Candles? Possibly Not!

If you are satisfied with current scent throw and want to prolong the lifespan of your candle, it may not be necessary to pour out the wax. Some manufacturers also advise against pouring out the wax while the candle is burning. This recommendation is likely for safety reasons, as they may be concerned that consumers might attempt to pour out the wax while the candle is still lit. The correct approach is to wait for the candle to cool down completely, and then use a spoon or another tool to scrape off the wax from the surface or wipe it away with a kitchen paper towel.

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Can You Reuse Poured-out Candle Wax?

If you enjoy making DIY scented candles, there's no need to worry about wasting wax. The most cost-effective solution is to reheat the wax that no longer has fragrance and pour it into a container to create new candles. If there's only a small amount of wax left, you can let it cool slightly and then wipe it away with a kitchen paper towel.


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So, should you pour out the wax from scented candles? Some manufacturers suggest it's not necessary, while others recommend pouring out the wax only when using candle warmer lamp. After consulting various experienced users of scented candles, we believe that if you are highly concerned about the fragrance of your candles, it's a good practice to periodically scrape off the wax without fragrance using a spoon or other tool. You don't have to worry about wasting the scraped-off wax, as it can be used to create smaller DIY candles.

💡 We reached out to the EYECANDLE's manufacturer, and they mentioned that for their Day In and Day Out candles, if used by burning, there's no need to pour out the wax. Only if you notice a significant decrease in fragrance should you use the methods mentioned above to remove the wax. Feel free to share your experiences as well!

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