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A Comprehensive Guide to Using Scented Candles

Are there things to keep in mind when using scented candles for the first time? For many fragrance enthusiasts, lighting a scented candle is different from using essential oils or other forms of diffusers. So, what are the essential considerations for using scented candles? This article provides a comprehensive guide to address common issues when using scented candles, helping first-time users maximize the fragrance and effectiveness of their newly purchased candles!

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The Most Important Thing about Using Scented Candles: The First Burn

For beginners using scented candles, the most critical thing to note is the duration of the first burn. In fact, the first burn is crucial for scented candles. Brand new scented candles need to be burned until the entire surface of the wax is evenly heated and has melted into a liquid state before extinguishing. This process typically takes approximately two to three hours. If the burn time is too short, the flame will only melt the wax near the wick, resulting in a "tunneling candle."

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Before Using Scented Candles: Wick Length

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The length of the wick affects the burn time and flame size of the candle. A wick that is too long will cause a too vigorous flame, accelerating the burn rate and causing uneven heating of the candle's surface, resulting in a "memory tunnel" in the middle. Conversely, a wick that is too short will make it difficult to light the candle, and a weak flame may lead to incomplete burning. Therefore, it is recommended to check the wick length before each use of scented candles, keeping it at approximately 0.4 to 0.5 cm for optimal performance.

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Do Not Blow Out Scented Candles After Use!

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The method for extinguishing scented candles differs from regular birthday candles! The best way to extinguish a scented candle is by using a candle snuffer, a candle wick dipper, or a candle lid. If none of these are available, remember to use something non-flammable, such as a hairpin, toothpick, or wire, to gently push the wick into the wax, extinguishing the flame, and then straighten the wick after it's cooled. It's not advisable to blow out a scented candle after use because, aside from producing black smoke, this action might cause wax to splatter and result in an uneven candle surface, creating the tunneling effect mentioned earlier.

Optimal Usage Time for Scented Candles

Scented candles should ideally not be used for more than two hours. Firstly, because our sense of smell can become fatigued, and two hours is sufficient to fill the room with fragrance. Secondly, exceeding two hours could lead to the candle burning too hot, potentially damaging nearby glass or creating other safety hazards. Also, allowing the candle to melt too quickly within a short time may cause the wick to tilt, making it challenging to light for subsequent use.

Adjust the Placement of Scented Candles According to the Environment

We all know that scented candles require good ventilation, but also ensure not to place them in areas with strong drafts or air currents, as this can cause the candle to burn unevenly in one direction, eventually blackening the candle glass. Additionally, too vigorous burning can lead to quick candle consumption, reducing the lifespan of scented candles.

What Else to Consider When Using and Storing Scented Candles?


In Taiwan's humid climate, it's essential to store candles in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight and high temperatures. Once opened, scented candles should ideally be used within six months. Unopened scented candles can be stored for one to three years.

Keep it clean

 However, candles stored for over a year may accumulate dust. If there's only a small amount of dust, consider using a dry cloth to wipe it off. If there's a significant amount of dust, you can use alcohol-soaked cotton pads or even tape, gently removing the dust as if you were removing pet hair.

💡 After reading the above tips for using scented candles, you won't have to worry about ruining your beloved candles anymore! If you've followed the guidelines for using candles correctly but still experience issues such as rapid burning or black smoke, it's likely due to unstable candle quality. Aerix and Eye Candle carefully craft scented candles with a unique wax blend, ensuring stable burning with minimal smoke production. They are non-toxic and safe, making them the best choice for newcomers to the world of scented candles!

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