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Brand Story

Aerix, established in 2015, is a budding brand committed to creating enduring and distinctive products. Drawing on decades of experience in the audio industry, and with the appointment of renowned French industrial designer Jules Parmentier as our Product Director, we aim to craft high-quality audio systems that seamlessly integrate advanced acoustic technology with user-friendly convenience, all while embodying aesthetic elegance.

The name "Aerix" is derived from the Latin word "aeris," meaning "atmosphere." We view an atmosphere as more than just a noun; it's a verb—an art form that shapes environments, a testament to a life well-lived, and a reflection of our spiritual values. Guided by the core concept of "Atmosphere Transformed," our mission is to create unparalleled sensory experiences.

In 2023, Aerix embarked on a brand transformation journey, breaking free from the confines of a single industry, strengthening our brand image, and proactively diversifying our product offerings. Centered around our brand's core principles, we bring to life various product imaginings. In the future, Aerix will continue to explore diverse cross-industry collaborations and innovative possibilities, fostering even more immersive and profound atmospheric experiences.

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