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Top 10 Fragrance Brands Based in Taiwan

Is your knowledge of fragrance candle brands limited to expensive foreign brands like Diptyque or Jo Malone? In fact, Taiwan now has many niche fragrance candle brands that use imported materials and are handcrafted, yet they cost only half the price of foreign brands. There are even many uniquely Taiwanese scents. You can easily find high-quality fragrance products without breaking the bank. This article focuses on brands that sell fragrance candles and compiles a list of ten Taiwanese fragrance brands. Let's explore these affordable yet luxurious Taiwanese fragrance candle brands!

1. Meowxiang

Meowxiang, founded in 2016, is dedicated to the concept of "bringing fragrance into daily life." They use complex essential oil blends imported from the United States, ensuring their products meet international IFRA and MSDS certifications. Meowxiang products do not contain plasticizers or fixatives, and they prioritize handmade production and packaging to ensure they are safe for the body. One of their most popular products is the Asian White Tea scented candle, which has garnered high discussions on platforms like PTT and Dcard.

Average Product Prices

- Fragrance Mist (official website): 50ml for 612 TWD
- Room Diffuser (official website): 100ml for 792 TWD
- Scented Candle (official website): 200g for 792 TWD

Where to buy

Official Website: Meowxiang

Physical Retail Locations: Store Locations – Meowxiang

2. P.Seven

P.Seven is Taiwan's pioneering tea fragrance brand, focused on capturing the essence of "Taiwanese Memories" to create unique fragrances that are truly Taiwanese. Their research and development team includes French perfumers, and they collaborate with technically advanced facilities to create high-quality fragrances using natural ingredients. Their signature fragrance, "Ming," combines the scents of oriental tea and Taiwanese hinoki cypress. The fragrance notes include:

- Top notes: Cedar, Frankincense, Taiwanese Hinoki Cypress
- Middle notes: Golden Cymbidium Orchid Tea
- Base notes: Massoia Wood, Musk, Patchouli, Tonka Bean

P.Seven's product range primarily includes perfumes, colognes, and sleep spray, with a limited selection of cocktail-scented candles

Average Product Prices

  • Perfume (official website): 66ml for 3,850 TWD
  • Fragrance Candle (official website): 300g for 2,800 TWD

Where to Buy

Official Website: P.Seven Taiwanese Tea Perfume

Physical Retail Locations:


NAMUA is a local fragrance brand founded by fashion model Wang Hsin-tian, named after the South Pacific island of "Namua." The brand's mission is to turn fragrances into exclusive memories in daily life. NAMUA offers a variety of fragrance products, including essential oil diffuser bottles, fragrance cards, scented candles, hand creams, and dry hand sanitizers. Their dry hand sanitizer has become particularly popular during the pandemic, as it is made with fermented grain alcohol gel and natural plant-based aromatic and nourishing ingredients, providing a pleasant and comfortable experience. In addition to scented candles and hand creams, NAMUA has also introduced other bath and body products.

Average Product Prices

  • Scented Candle (official website): 200g for 1,500 TWD
  • Hand Sanitizer (official website): 30ml for 500 TWD

Where to Buy

Official Website: NAMUA

Physical Retail Locations: Experience Stores (

4. Ad Vitam

Ad Vitam was founded in 2010 by Ms. Wang Chen-yun. Initially, it started as a venture to create various essential oil blends with specific benefits for her daughter's atopic dermatitis and her family's health. It gradually evolved into a brand that insists on using pure essential oils and holds dual organic certifications from the EU, earning the trust of many renowned businesses. Ad Vitam's product range is quite extensive, with a primary focus on aromatherapy products, including single oils, blends, massage oils, roller bottles, bath and body products, hydrosols, and more. As of now, Ad Vitam does not sell scented candles.

Average Product Prices

  • Aromatherapy Massage Oil (official website): 60ml for 1,680 TWD
  • Prices for essenail oils singles and essential oil blends may vary widely, so it's recommended to check the official website and other online retailers for specific product pricing.

Where to Buy

Physical Retail Locations:

You can find physical retail locations for Ad Vitam products on their Sales Outlets Page.

5. Voyager

Voyager draws inspiration from exploring cultures, landscapes, and humanity worldwide to create unique fragrances. Their products are often named after various destinations. Voyager primarily offers scented candles and fragrance sprays made with all-natural essential oils, featuring a natural and subtle fragrance style. Voyager doesn't have an official website, but you can purchase their products through Pinkoi and connect with them on LINE for fragrance trials.

Average Product Prices

  • Voyager Scented Candles on Pinkoi: 200ml/980 TWD
  • Voyager Fragrance Spray on Pinkoi: 50ml/780 TWD

Where to Buy

6. EYECANDLE: Fragrance brand we choose

EYECANDLE is a predominantly handmade fragrance brand founded in 2013. EYECANDLE is known for its unique and creative candle designs, utilizing the different melting points of wax to create distinctive pieces. They have crafted classic works like the "Bleeding Tears Baby" candle, as well as transparent jelly-wax candles resembling swimming goldfish and laboratory-inspired candles such as hearts and skull heads, setting EYECANDLE apart with its innovative design approach. However, the exquisite craftsmanship of their candles has made many people reluctant to burn them. To address this, EYECANDLE offers candle-making workshops for those interested in DIY scented candles.

In addition to scented candles, EYECANDLE also offers rollerball perfume oils, similar to traditional perfumes but with a longer-lasting fragrance.

Average Product Prices

  • Scented Candle (official website): 240ml for 1,680 TWD
  • Perfume Rollerball Oil (official website): 10ml for 580 TWD

Where to Buy

Physical Retail Locations:

You can find physical retail locations on their Sales Outlets Page.

EYECANDLE Candle Making Workshop Information

Candle Sizes

  • 220ml (Large): Burns for approximately 40 hours, priced at 980 TWD per candle
  • 125ml (Small): Burns for approximately 25 hours, priced at 680 TWD per candle
  • Includes white embossed packaging box and bag

Workshop Duration

  • 1 to 1.5 hours

Available Time Slots

  • Daily at 13:30, 15:30, 17:30
  • Individual and group bookings


  • 1st Floor, No. 4, Lane 60, Anju Street, Da'an District, Taipei City
  • The venue can accommodate up to 10 participants at a time, and they offer exclusive sessions for groups of 7 or more. For inquiries, please call (02) 2732-0280.
aerix and EYECANDLE day out candle
Aerix x EYECANDLE collaboration scented candles are available in our online store and Mariais 


HANSCHIU offers a diverse range of products, not limited to fragrances but also includes artisan glassware, natural scented candles, fragrance treasure boxes, and scented ornaments. Each product has its unique design concept and story. For example:

- The "18 Starlight" artisan glassware series draws inspiration from lotus leaves, creating home decor items with an Eastern fashion style.
- The "微醺香氛" (Slightly Tipsy Fragrance) series uses bottles to present the scents and hues of different alcoholic beverages.
- The "寵物友善" (Pet-Friendly) series offers scented candles and fragrance ornaments made from natural ingredients, suitable for sharing space with furry friends.
- The "台灣限定" (Taiwan Limited) series takes inspiration from Taiwan's unique fruits and beverages, creating fragrances with local characteristics.

Average Product Prices

- Scented Candle (official website): 250g for 2,100 TWD
- Pet-Friendly Diffuser Bottle (official website): 1,000ml for 2,180 TWD

Where to Buy

Physical Retail Locations:

You can find physical retail locations on their Stockists Page.

8. It's Saturday!

"It's Saturday!" is a brand that embodies the idea of sharing the beauty of Saturdays. They create "pet-friendly scented candles" using natural essential oils and 100% plant wax, and each candle is handmade and sold in limited quantities. It's Saturday! offers a variety of scents, including "Morning Waves," "Mountain Retreat," "Afternoon Milk Tea," and more, each capable of evoking different moods and feelings. These candles are crafted with eco-friendly concrete, featuring a minimalist and textured appearance that complements various home styles.

Average Product Prices

  • Scented Candle (official website): 200g for 1,280 TWD
  • Reed Diffuser (official website): 180ml for 1,490 TWD

Where to Buy

9. Lilla Fé

Lilla Fé is a fragrance brand founded by Faye Fei, the former lead singer of the F.I.R. band, along with her two sisters. The brand was established in 2009. "Lilla Fé" means "Little Fairy" in Swedish, symbolizing the hope that every girl can have her dreams and magic, just like a little fairy. Lilla Fé's product range includes lip balm, solid perfumes, and spray perfumes. The solid perfumes, in particular, are highly discussed and popular among young people, thanks to their convenient portability, long-lasting scent, and resistance to mixing with other fragrances.

Average Product Prices

  • Scented Candle (official website): 150g for 1,800 TWD
  • Solid Perfume (average): 4.5g for 730 TWD

Where to Buy


MIHER takes inspiration from the combination of HIM and HER, symbolizing the importance of self-care and caring for others. MIHER offers a range of products, including candles, diffuser bottles, and scent stones. All of their products are made using natural ingredients and EU-certified fragrance oils, produced in Taiwan's excellent GMP factories to ensure quality and safety. In terms of perfume pricing, it's considered affordable and provides good fragrance longevity. Additionally, MIHER's scent stones come in various cute and popular designs.

Average Product Prices

  • Perfume (official website): 30ml for 790 TWD
  • Scent Stone (official website): 250-350 TWD

Where to Buy


These are the ten Taiwanese fragrance brands compiled for you. Some brands offer scented candles, while others focus on aromatherapy and various diffusion products. Many of these brands are available on Pinkoi, so if you're looking to purchase from multiple brands, Pinkoi can be a convenient platform to explore and purchase a variety of fragrances.


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