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Resonance of Time by Chou Shih Hsiung

Sold out

Aerix collaborates with modern artist Shih Hsiung Chou launches a limited edition of oil art speaker. Eyeing for the hi end art collectors, the video communicates from the angle of the artist Chou with vivid views of creating artwork in a factory. The art creation blends in the black oil and expoxy dripping over the symmetric speaker system. It leads to public to wonder, “why? Is this a merchandise or art work?”

When Chou walks into the black mirror and turned around, the images of oil dripping along with musician Wen yu’s classical composition and contemporary beats, the viewers are inserted with complete experience of making modern art in multiple aspects. Whereas traditional speaker commercials emphasizes on product design elements or specs to attract viewers, this video redirects the position of Aerix Duet as “a singing artwork”, redefining the boarder of commercial electronics products and artwork.