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DUET MK3 Review

A Complete Honest DUET MK3 Review by Professionals

Describing the unboxing experience of audio products without actually listening to them poses a significant challenge. To address this, we have exclusively invited Mr. Su Yonglun, an editor for an audio magazine, to compose a professional review of the DUET MK3. For the full article, please click here. Below, we will distill the essence and highlight the critical points from his review.

The advantages of DUET MK3: Suits for both Larger and Small Space

Larger Space

In this review, the editor noted that Apple Music can be played in their living room, which measures approximately 12 pings (430 square feet), with a single click through DTS Play-Fi. In such an area, the volume feels full, and the sound pressure is quite adequate, making it highly suitable for commercial spaces. For larger areas exceeding 430 square feet, the DUET MK3 can connect to as many as eight devices, seamlessly linking them together effortlessly.

Smaller Space

In a marginally smaller space of about 8 pings (26.4 square meters or 284 square feet), the powerful sound pressure of DUET MK3 can be truly appreciated without any sense of emptiness.

Will the two speakers interfere with each other if separated? No!

Many people are curious about whether the inability to separate the speakers of the DUET will lead to interference between them. In fact, despite the speakers being inseparable, their unique upward-firing design, along with an arrangement that maximizes electronic component separation, actually delivers layered sound quality. This design facilitates an ambient music experience that allows listeners to move around rather than remain seated in a specific spot. This is one of the key distinctions that sets the DUET MK3 apart from other speakers on the market.

My earlier impression of speaker reviews was confined to classical music and opera. However, upon the editor's recommendation to delve into KPOP, with a particular emphasis on the electronic EDM vibes of New Jeans, my interest was piqued. This newfound interest made me eager to test it out in the office.

Different sources, different performances

Besides digital sources, the DUET MK3 also supports Analog output, which can be used with vinyl records. The actual listening experience has a richer resolution, proving that the overall design, tuning, and circuit design of the DUET MK3 are quite excellent, allowing the speaker to present different textures when receiving different sources.

DUET MK3 with Goldenote Turntable

Listening is believing

In conclusion, DUET MK3 is not just a beautiful lifestyle audio speech, it's a compact all-in-one speaker with Hi-Fi spirit. Are you moved by the review above? It's hard to describe the performance of the speakers through text alone fully. For those interested in DUET MK3, don't hesitate. Click here for listening locations across Taiwan.

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