Timelessness and simplicity are our guiding principles in our design proccess.Duet's dual box design, with aluminum plate vibration suppression, will maximize the visual and auditory experience.
Dot LED Display / Breathing light
Duet’s Dot LED increase the readibility and legibility of the information. The front logo installed with breathing light shows the state of Duet.
Dot LED Display
Breathing light
Subwoofer / Transducer
Duet contains Hi-end specifications tweeter. Through the specific-degree horn, it presents the highest quality of sound. Wherever you go, the sound remains perfect.The woofer boost out powerful bass, disperse through the cone underneath. It enhances space all around you.
Powerful vertical-firing drivers compress airwaves downward towards our acoustically designed panel at the bottom of each unit, delivering sound evenly and consistently, every time, everywhere.
Our advanced DSP chips are optimized with exclusive VIS technology, the latest in human auditory psychoacoustics, and include three built-in modes: Relax, Standard (Aerix mode) or Party. Each setting is precisely engineered to deliver the most premium listening experience.
Acoustics are at the heart of what we do, and we mean it quite literally too, when we installed a 360° horn at the heart of each unit. The architectural ideal Bell’s curve creates a halo effect surrounding the unit, extending sound to you so no matter where you stand, you are standing in optimum sound quality space.
Internet, anything The most advanced DTS Play-Fi module allows Duet
plays anything you want.Despite the millions of internet
radio choices, DTS Play-Fi module integrates Spotify,
Deezer, Pandora, Tidal, Songza and lots of the high
resolution music, all at your fingertips.
Brush up your CD After all these years of your CD collection,
it’s time to open your shelf again! Try and see
how Duet plays your CD with passion and emotion!
Advanced Bluetooth We offer you most advanced Bluetooth
chip which plays CD quality music through
your PC, Notebook and smart devices.
2 unit of 1.5" Transducer
5.25" Subwoofer
DSP Tech.
2.1 audio channel
360° Sound Coverage
Control Keys
Vol.- / Vol.+ / Play / Back / Next /
Eject / Source / Power
DC In / 24V 3A
Wi-Fi Antenna x2
Bluetooth Antenna x1
USB Type A for Device firmware
Power AMP
Music power : 200w
(50W x2 + 100W x1)
W428 x D245 x H238.5 mm
Slot-loading CD player
DLNA/ Play-Fi wireless
Bluetooth + EDR with aptX
FM Radio (RDS)
Clock/Wakeup to FM
8x8x8 Matrix dot LED display
Remote control (24keys)
Spotify / Pandora / Tidal / Deezer compatibility
USB only for firmware update / device change
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